Handcrafted Goods: The More Gooder

I remember when during my DSLR days.. (I sound like an old man) people had just introduced this idea of putting buttons on your camera’s shutter release button…

WHAT?! HOW STUPID!? I thought initially. Literally, at the time, this one company had introduced a red adhesive button that you can stick on top of your existing shutter button. Well since I put it that way it actually does sound pretty stupid. But the idea has come a long way since then. Bigger companies like Artisan Obscura decided to take advantage of this and made these buttons handmade! with wood! Now I am a sucker for all things handcrafted so this idea became more acceptable for me. Since I use these old vintage looking cameras I thought these would be a nice touch.

Handcrafted goods are never cheap, we all know this. But when I had originally decided to buy one of these buttons. I had looked at Artisan Obscura’s line up. $55 for a button and hotshoe cover outfit.

WHAT?! $55 for two tiny pieces of wood that go on your camera? Yeah.. I’m sorry but, nah. That’s when I discovered alternatives by people like Kaleb Bolton, TheMoreGooder. Essentially the same stuff but an outfit runs about $28 instead of $55. MUCH BETTER. So I went ahead and ordered my first set, in Juniper wood for my Leica M6.

What had initially attracted me to Kaleb’s products over everyone else’s is that some of his buttons/covers were made with recycled skateboards and being a skateboarder in my high school days, I loved the idea! I didn’t get any of those for my cameras but they looked really cool nonetheless.

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I loved the way he packaged it with them mounted on this wooden branch disc.
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Here is how they look on the camera.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t yet make a button that can fit the Hasselblad (because Hasselblad wants to be difficult and have a different shutter thread) but if he does at some point, I’ll be buying one too!

After using that setup for sometime I decided that I’d wanted another setup for my Fujifilm X-Pro1.

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Love the juniper fade to sapwood finish on this new set.

These are also custom cut to fit your specific camera. The buttons are universal but the hotshoe covers are different for each camera. The one on my Leica can fit the Fuji. But the one designed for the Fuji cannot fit the Leica, so make sure to specify!

You can buy these from him on this website below!


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Trying on the Juniper outfit from my Leica to my Fuji. Will not fit the other way around.

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