Whitemarsh Memorial Park (Hasselblad 500C/M with Kodak Tri-X film)

So I’m currently taking a photography class at school as an elective just to use as a “break” from my regular classes. My professor has an assignment for us to take landscape photographs but with evidence of “man” in it. Essentially, landscapes that show manmade structures or other things that proves the existence of mankind in that photograph. For example, a photograph of a the vast empty ocean; no evidence. But! that same photograph with a ship somewhere far off in the horizon, now that would be the evidence of man.

Anyway, I took a trip to this local park down the street from where I live, never been here so I wasn’t even aware it was actually a memorial park. It is definitely a beautiful and quite peaceful park with little to no traffic. I had brought the large format camera supplied by my professor and my personal Hasselblad. Here are some of the photographs I’ve taken that day, with the assignment in mind.

img720Obviously the evidence in this one would be the road as well as the trees planted in such perfect linear manner aligned with the road.

img723If this isn’t evident enough… I wouldn’t know what to say to you. These benches were lined up down that road and each had a unique engraving. I liked this one most.

img719Here’s a photograph of that gorgeous Speed Graphic 2×3 that my professor has been letting me use. Just because. #jayscameraporn (that’s a real hashtag with all my camera porn!)

img727Not exactly of the park, but c’mon! I love the ways the clouds had formed that day and the jet stream looked awesome in contrast to them.

img729And lastly, some trees that have had their arms chopped off towering against the sky. Kind of sad this one really….

I had actually shot three rolls of film at this park, which on the Hasselblad is about 36 frames. But these are my favorites out of those three rolls. I hope you enjoyed them and I’ll see you next post!

Thanks for viewing!


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