Kuro Lifestyle Teaser: An inside look at drift culture.

Drifting has been around for a many decades. Originating from Japan, it is a driving style which drivers maneuver their cars so that the tail end breaks loose and with that technique, they slide the cars around turns. That is also considered to many, irresponsible and dangerous. But to the enthusiasts, it is an art form. A way of life. Kind of like how I prefer to shoot film, they like to drive slideways. (pun pun pun)

What are the requirements to getting sideways? Well first, you need a car with that is rear wheel drive and a decent enough amount of power. Different drifters have different car setups, 200hp is even enough and sometimes 700hp is cool too.

In this photo series, I capture the behind the scenes of America’s drift culture, specifically of my friends’ at Kuro Lifestyle (Impulse Performance) in Connecticut. (film & digital)

(Above: Chris’ GS300 with its fair share of battle scars)

Chris Keovilay, a high school friend of mine, and also an active member of the local drifting community allowed me to come to their shop in South Windsor, CT, to photograph their little shop and see what the lifestyle is all about.

(Above: Kendrick’s SR20DET powered 240SX hatchback)

(Yet another 240SX hatchback, a popular choice for drifters)

Much more to come from this series so stay tuned for more from the Kuro Lifestyle!


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post!



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