Dimly Lit Gig at Everybody Hits Philadelphia, 8/9/16

I figured since this was a smaller venue for some smaller bands, I might be able to take my camera in and try my luck at shooting concert photos on film. So here I am, at Everybody Hits Philadelphia (batting cage at day, concert venue by night) with my trusty Leica M6 loaded with two rolls (48 exposures) of Fujifilm Superia 800 which I will shoot at 1600 to be push processed to compensate for the low light setting.

Line up: Coping Skills, Petal, Kississippi, and Slingshot Dakota

Coping Skills. Who came in last minute to fill in for a band that couldn’t make it to play.

Petal aka: Kiley Lotz. A vocal range like no other, so very talented. Her latest EP, “Shame” is definitely worth a listen.

Slingshot Dakota in which I got too carried away shooting Kississippi’s set that I had run out of film. 😦 Such good sounds and they party super hard! Had a great time on their set. Absolutely “Face melting indie rock from Bethlehem, PA!”

Kississippi. Music from her album “We Have No Future, We’re All Doomed” gets you feeling some type of way, guitar riffs so simply put together yet sounding so dreamy.

I had a lot of fun shooting this intimate show, I also had a lot more fun simply being there and enjoying the good music but I also have a huge case of post-concert syndrome at the moment and I kind of love it.

Thanks for viewing ya’ll and I’ll see you next post!


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