Shooting with the Sinar 4×5 view camera

Before this, all I’ve ever worked with were DSLRs, 35mm film cameras, and medium format cameras. When I was told I’d be shooting with a large format film camera I was very excited and very nervous.

When first introduced, I was immediately intimidated by the large cumbersome body, the seemingly very complex operating process. I will later on find out that shooting the camera isn’t nearly has tough as lugging it around over your shoulders. (did anybody say leg day?) The shear size already makes it difficult to maneuver with but my god is this thing (paired with a heavy duty tripod) heavy to carry. As far as shooting it goes, I was able to get the gist of it fairly quickly. The only differences from a conventional camera are obviously size, and flexibility of the lens back and film back. This allows the user to get really creative and allows for more versatile images.

I’ve added a few of my first photographs taken with this camera (using Arista EDU Ultra 100 film) below for you to see and I’m looking forward to using this more.img057




I still haven’t been able to take this camera out on my own freetime, only classtime, but when I do, I’ll be looking forward to traveling further distances with it in search of greater landscapes to capture.

Thanks for viewing and I’ll see you next post!


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