Photo Dump: China 2015 (film & digital)

Back when I was a kid, I used to go to China every other year. But due to complications with time management, the last time I went (before this trip) was back in 2007, and that was only for a week and a half. So finally, we booked this trip for the summer of 2015 with my mom and sister. (all black and white photographs are film unless labeled otherwise)


I was so excited! I knew there’d be so many photographs to take, so I packed up three cameras. For ease of travel, I decided not to take the Hasselblad since it’s rather large and requires more supporting items. So I brought along, my Fujifilm X-Pro 1 for digital, my trusty Leica M6 (shot entirely on Ilford HP5+ 400 speed film), and even an instant camera, the lomography lomo’instant which utilizes Fujifilm’s widely available Instax film.

(Photographs in no chronological order)

Gotta take that airplane photo right? This was right after take off from Hong Kong Itl. where we transferred to get to my home in mainland China.

The empty  roadways from Chang Le airport towards my childhood home.

The alleyway towards home.

Views from home.

My sister and I on some sort of (inactive) volcanic island.

A grocery distributing system based solely off of trust and goodwill (digital)

Hometown scenes.


dscf1488Dragon boat festival (digital)

ShangHai Skyline.

ChangLe’s Nan Shan Park.

HanZhou’s West Lake and Lei Fang Tower

The long trek up NanJing’s Zhong Shan Ling Mausoleum.

Somewhere in XiaMen.



I will probably add more photos to this post later on. But for now, enjoy the collection of photographs I made on this trip!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next post!


One thought on “Photo Dump: China 2015 (film & digital)

  1. These photos are awesome, the balck and white or film really adds to the appeal of them. The city skylines are always so interesting to me, especially because they’re all distinguishable. So naturally the ShangHai skyline is my favorite photo of the group. I also like the photo of your instant camera, I think the colors and the fact the picture had just printed are what really caught my attention there.

    Jenna Lancaster


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