Handcrafted Goods: Cub & Co

I’ve known of Joel Chavez of Cub & Company’s work for quite some time now. I remember first seeing his Instagram page a few years back and being stunned by how gorgeous his stuff looked.

With an large uprising of independent artisans producing similar work, Joel had to get creative to make his products more appealing. He decided against going by the traditional ways of creating camera straps, so he took on a different approach. I won’t say much this posting, but I hope these photographs help you understand.

img_1276Cub & Co proudly engraved at the centerline of the strap.

I’d already had straps for all my cameras, ones that focused on form more so than function. A few years ago, I’d purchased a nice leather strap by Leica for my M6 for $50 which isn’t bad. Since getting my X-Pro 1, I’d gotten bored of the strap the manufacturer included. This thanksgiving, Joel offered 25% off his entire shop’s collection! Being one who craves handmade goods, I couldn’t resist. This would be a perfect to upgrade my X-Pro 1’s strap… but…. it suited the Leica more, so I’d do the trade off.

img_1277 Ugh!!! Look at how gorgeously made!! Double Helix strap in Russet priced at $65

img_1280img_1278Beautifully complimenting The More Gooder’s button and hotshoe cover.

I didn’t mention Joel also included a gift with the first few orders since the sale started, I was one of the lucky ones.img_1279
Included was a free hand strap in matching Russet and a Shooters Club patch.

If you’re looking for a top quality leather strap to spice up your camera, Cub & Co would be the first of my recommendations.

Thanks for tuning in! See you next posting!





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